Seaweed Zhrimps™

Made with the deepest respect for the ocean

Zhrimps™ makes a difference – They represent the future of shrimps.

We contribute to a more intelligent, gentle, and responsible utilization of marine resources. By using our seaweed Zhrimps™ we avoid consuming the next generations of shrimps and thus disrupting the marine ecosystem.Together we help to preserve the shrimp stocks of the future.

We are fighting not only to maintain but to increase the marine biomass. It is now time to act in order to help the shrimp stocks.

The sea is a sensitive ecosystem that needs to be treated with respect. We therefore require that our suppliers of seaweed undertake harvesting on nature’s terms, so the production of Zhrimps™ is responsible throughout and contributes to maintaining a natural balance in the sea.

Sustainability is an important value for us!

Our product make a difference to UN Global Goal no.14. 

Harvesting methods

The seaweed grows naturally along the coastline of France & Norway. The harvesting process is under control of NGO’s & goverment control. This ensures that the seaweed is harvested responsible, following the rhythms of nature.

Two methods are used for harvesting: “le scoubidou” and “le peigne.” The first method involves a metal hook called a scoubidou, which hangs from a crane fixed on board the ship. The scoubidou hook gently loosens the seaweed from its roots in a rotating motion, allowing for the largest part of the seaweed to be harvested.

The second method uses a metal device called a “comb.” The comb is moved forward, catching the seaweed stalks in its teeth for harvesting. Both methods mimic natural growth processes, leaving young plants untouched while providing space and light for further growth.