Vegan Zhrimps™ inspires

Together we make a difference

Zhrimps™ – inspiration for new dining experiences

With Zhrimps™ it is easy to find inspiration for new and expressive recipes. Gastronomy that makes a difference and presents a responsible alternative. The plant-based Zhrimps™ provide a perfect starting point for engaging in deep and attitudinal conversations about nature, consumption and food trends.

Here we provide you with plenty of inspiration for you to make a difference.

Inspiration for using Zhrimps™

Seafood pasta.

Craving the taste and the feel of a divine seafood pasta? Try our plant-based Zhrimps™ in your tomato sauce for a vegan pasta that takes you to Italy!

Skagen Toast with Zhrimps™

Craving the Nordic charm of Skagen Smørrebrød? Enjoy the authentic flavors without compromising on your plant-based lifestyle with our vegan  Zhrimps™.

Ravioli with Zhrimps™ & Cavi·art®

Embrace the future with Zhrimps™ – a tantalizing blend of ravioli, vegan ‘Zhrimps™’, and decadent Cavi-art®. Elevate your dining experience to new heights of innovation.

Poke bowl with Zhrimps™.

If you’re looking to savor a Hawaiian delicacy, consider using our Zhrimps™ as an alternative to add a unique texture to your dish. This will ensure that the final result looks and tastes similar to the original, but is made using 100% vegan ingredients.

Breaded Zhrimps™

Searching for that perfect crunch? Discover Zhrimps™ breaded: A fusion of flavor with crispy breading and creamy aioli. Elevate your dining experience today.