Zhrimps™ is the perfect alternative to traditional cold-water shrimps.
It replicates the taste, texture, and look.

With pride, we produce our Zhrimps™ in Denmark at our own facilities, utilizing wild-grown seaweed harvested on nature’s own terms.

Zhrimps™ is the environmentally conscious choice and has many other benefits:

  • Vegan & delicious!
  • Responsible production
  • Ready to use
  • Stable and low prices!
  • Security of supply– we don’t run out of raw materials or products.
  • We use only natural colourants!
  • Our products do not need refrigeration or freezing.

Our products don’t disappoint – so choose the future – choose Zhrimps™

    Product benefits

    • Stable at room temperature
    • Shelf life: 3 to 6 months
    • Stable price
    • Security of supply

    Good to know

    • We are FSSC 22.000 certified
    • Responsible production
    • Natural colourants
    • No GMOs
    • No allergens
    • Produced in Denmark

    Our packaging

    • 90/180g plastic pot
    • 300/500g plastic pot
    • 2/3,5 kg plastic bucket
    • 80/130 kg plastic barrel


    • Replaces traditional shrimps
    • In salad mixes, sandwiches etc.
    • In large productions
    • In spreadables

    Zhrimps™ – The responsible vegan alternative to shrimps.

    Zhrimps™ is made from seaweed, offering a responsible swap for regular shrimps. By picking Zhrimps™, you’re helping preserve future shrimp stocks, biodiversity, and marine environments. Our plant-based shrimp alternative eases pressure on shrimp populations and guards ocean habitats. With shrimp numbers declining, Zhrimps™ is a responsible choice sourced from seaweed in France and Norway.

    Choose Zhrimps™ to support shrimp stock preservation and UN Global Goal no. 14, and join the effort to protect marine ecosystems.”

    Inspiration for using Zhrimps™